Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Portal 2 and a Fable to Remember

Dear Boss,

Soooooooo I'm freaking psyched about Portal 2, Fable 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Bioshock 3.  Can I have them now please?



Dear Boss,

Growing up sucks. 

It's nice finally being out of high school an on my own, but suddenly everything seems to be going wrong...
I'm faced with soon being laid off and replaced by a kiosk, my father has Alzheimer's, both my parents are working so hard with nothing to show for it, two of my sisters are going blind, I can't afford all of my classes, and my career is on its way to nowhereville.

When did life get so complicated? 

I've spent so much time dreaming and living in my own imagination, that when I finally wake up...I don't know where I've been.  It's like expecting to wake up in your own bed and finding yourself on the floor of your grandmother's smelly living room with all her stuffed roosters leering at you with their cold glass eyes.

I'm only 20!  Shouldn't I be having these years from now instead???

*sigh*...oh well.  C'est la vie, mon cher...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eating Clouds

Dear Boss,
Oh come on, like you've never wanted to.  Who hasn't looked up at a puffy white cloud on a nice day and thought, "man...I sure would like to eat that thing..." 
What is it about clouds that is so appealing?  They can be ominous or happy, puffy or thin, low or high.  I know when I see a puffy white cloud, I just can't help but to lick my lips and think of how tasty it looks.

Boy Meets Crappy World of Disney's Spawn

Dear Boss,
Boy Meets World.  One of the great gems of television's history.  The actors can act, the characters are realistic, and of course there's Mr. Feeny.  There is just something about this show and shows like it of the 90's that simply no longer exist. 

Youtube's 'MIS0HAPPI' had this to say:
    "I miss this show so much. Shows these days are just horrible..doing pointless humor and entertainment that involve infidelity, teen pregnancy, bitchy tweens, and drugs.
Walt Disney would cry if he saw the shows that were on today" 

Well,  MIS0HAPPI, I would have to agree.  Just look at the difference between this: (, and this:( or even (

Notice a difference?  I do. 

The first glaring contrast that I can spot is this:  Kids today obviously are not being taught how to act...and apparently neither are their fathers...*cough cough*.  The material they are being given is cheesy, poorly written, poorly constructed, and is not remotely comparable to the average child.

...really, need I say more?

I think that pretty much sums it up.   

We have come a long way from quality entertainment to....whatever the hell those other two atrocities were.
I'm going to go play video games now.

Ladies and Gentlemen! For my first trick...!

Dear Reader(s),
Welcome to my first blog.  Please try not to let my username put you off...I have a dark sense of humor. is a reference to jack the ripper...SHOCKING, I know.

I am an artist of sorts, captivated by all aspects of life.  When I write, it will be about whatever comes to mind.  I will even take suggestions, answer questions, and even write stories if you wish it of me.  For example: my first blog will be about a childhood favorite tv show called "Boy Meets World" and how far televisioin has come from this great piece of children's entertainment to things such as...oh I don't know...Hanna Montana or Lizzie McGuire.  

SO!!!  If you have any suggestions, please let me know...and click on the ads.  please.